Albatern secures WATERS 3 R&D funding

Albatern have secured WATERS funding of £1.8 million to support their project to design, build and demonstrate a larger Squid wave energy converter unit.

“This is great news for the team at Albatern.  It continues to demonstrate Scottish commitment to develop and encourage home grown innovation in this challenging sector” said John Findlay, Albatern’s Chief Executive Officer.  “The grant award of £1.8 million goes a significant way towards the total project costs of £3.5 million and provides recognition of Albatern’s distinctive approach to wave energy device development, and the dedicated engineering team behind it.  The company is actively raising funding and this award will be extremely helpful in this process.

This project builds on the learning from the successful deployment of the first WaveNET array in Scottish waters off the Isle of Muck with Marine Harvest (Scotland) in 2014.  By doubling the physical size of the Squid units we can increase the rated output from 7.5kW per unit to around 75kW per unit.  The larger unit would enable construction of arrays of up to a scale of 10MW rated capacity and potentially larger.  The team has developed significant expertise from projects carried out to date and is looking forward to applying this learning to the larger unit.

This will enable Albatern to develop a scalable product range able to supply energy to larger island communities and local grid projects around the world.”

In welcoming the announcement, Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said: “The Scottish Government and its enterprise agencies are working hard to ensure that small and medium-sized businesses in Scotland are well placed to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the low-carbon economy.  WATERS is designed to foster a culture of innovation and research and development.  I am determined that we make the most of the clean, secure and abundant energy stored in the waters around our coasts and these companies are developing pioneering technologies to help us do that.”

Maggie McGinlay, Director of Energy and Clean Technologies at Scottish Enterprise added: “Scotland is playing a key role in the development of marine energy at a global level, with the sector offering significant opportunities for our companies.  By taking key technologies to the next stage of commercial exploitation, this latest round of WATERS funding will help create more opportunities and support the growth of the sector.”

Calum Davidson, Director of Energy and Low carbon at Highlands and Islands Enterprise welcomed the announcement of the WATERS 3 funding and congratulated the successful companies.  He said: “The Highlands and Islands already boasts an enviable international reputation in the development of marine renewable energy.  This latest round of funding will back the development of the marine energy industry across Scotland and further support the deployment of devices at the European Marine Energy Centre and throughout Scottish waters.”


Further information

  1. Albatern is a wave energy device developer based in Roslin, Midlothian just to the south of Edinburgh.
  2. The company designs and assembles individual wave energy units called Squids. These can be joined together to form coupled arrays called WaveNETs.
  3. The WaveNET is different because its multiple standard sub assemblies and components allow for early volume cost reductions, and the coupled array gives improvements in output power. The combination of these effects will bring energy costs down to commercially viable levels quickly.