Isle of Muck Deployment

In collaboration with Marine Harvest (Scotland), Albatern deployed a 3 unit WaveNET array on marine Harvest’s new Am Maol salmon farming site off the NE side of the Isle of Muck off the west coast of Scotland.

2 SQUID units were brought from Kishorn port where pre-deployment trials had been carried out, the third SQUID was deployed from Albatern’s workshop in Roslin through the port at Mallaig.

The first stage to be completed was the deployment of the purpose made Integrated Mooring Web (IMW) which provides the mooring attachments defining the outer extents of the array.


The SQUID units were transported as deck cargo and lifted by crane from the Marine Harvest vessel Coastal Hunter into the water.

From there the units were maneuvered by small workboats into position within the IMW and ballasted into their operating mode, and attached to each other and the mooring system.

The array is fitted with generators and an instrumentation system which relays key performance data from the array to a shore station established on the Muck’s east side. From there it is transmitted using the Small Isles wireless broadband service back to Albatern’s offices in Midlothian.


A Waverider buoy has also been deployed so that the WaveNET’s performance can be correlated with the wave conditions being experienced on the site. The system was commissioned following deployment for full assessment of performance and reliability of the array during the trial period.