WaveNET 1:7 Scale Feasibility Test

As part of a SMART:Scotland funded Feasibility study, a WaveNET array consisting of a planar array with 13 buoyancy sections and forming 3 hexagons in shape was built towards the end of 2009.

This was tested in open water trials for short durations in a site in Loch Etive on the west coast of Scotland.

These tests were designed to verify a build of the device, and demonstrate its ease of transport, deployment and recovery in open water trials.


Due to a prolonged period with little wind, the WaveNET array was moved into deployment configuration and towed for 9 miles down Loch Etive through the tidal rapids at the Falls of Lora and then taken to more open conditions in Benderloch Bay where the operation of the device in larger waves could be studied over a trial period of a few days.