SQUID 6 v1 Testing

The first prototype of the SQUID modular generating unit to be used in the WaveNET coupled array system was built up from the summer of 2011 through to spring 2012.

Initial testing focused on demonstrating the launching, deployment and recovery of this unit.  The testing demonstrated that the SQUID unit could be launched from a road trailer towed by a Landrover, could then be towed to the deployment site by a small workboat, and ballasting changed to take the unit from horizontal deployment mode to vertical operating mode, and vice versa.  Recovery of the unit back onto its trailer was also demonstrated.

This testing was carried out in a benign wave location to maximise testing time for these operations.  In March 2012 the unit was recovered and returned to the workshop where the full hydraulic and electrical systems were incorporated.


The unit was then deployed from April through to the end of November 2012 when the power tests were completed.  The unit produced hydraulic pressure and electrical power reliably during this full period, although amounts of electrical output were small due to the site conditions.

Significant learning on deployment methods, handling and production was built up through this period which informed the outline design for the second version.