Our Mission

New sources of clean sustainable energy are required to replace existing electrical generating infrastructure and fulfil global decarbonisation targets.

Our mission at Albatern is to demonstrate and commercialise a product range that allows the energy from ocean waves to be harvested in an economically viable fashion


  • Bring to market an economically viable system for extracting energy from ocean waves
  • Create a business supplying small scale WaveNET arrays to aquaculture and remote communities sectors
  • To play a contributory role in reducing the global dependence on fossil fuels as an energy supply and to promote a sustainable future for mankind’s electricity generation
  • Work with global partners to commercialise grid scale WaveNET arrays of up to 100MW

Keys to Success:

  • Demonstrate a technology operating reliably at commercial scale with a cost of energy equivalent to or below alternative energy generation costs

If this can be achieved then the potential rewards are enormous:

  • Global untapped resource worth between £60 – £190 bn/year *
  • Global manufacturing opportunities
  • Global deployment and service opportunity


*Carbon Trust 2006